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How to make and receive phone calls?
  • You can use your Gateway to make regular or internet phones. ALL incoming calls from either regular line or form internet will ring the phone. Therefore you will enjoy both services with this Gateway.
  • To make regular calls, your Gateway does not need to be connected to the internet or powered on, but it could be.
  • To make regular phone calls click on "NET CALL" button and the LCD will show "To PSTN". Then you dial using your phone set as usual.To switch to the internet mode click on "NET CALL" button again the LCD will show SIP(your number) + Date & Time.
  • To make internet calls the Gateway should be connected to the internet. (refer to dialup or broadband to see, how to connect the Gateway). Click on the"Modem" button to connect the Gateway to the internet if it is not connected.
  • When the Gateway is connected, the LED above "NET CALL" button is ON and the LCD shows SIP(your number) + Date & Time
  • To make internet calls, you dial the number and then click the "#" or wait for 5 sec for the Gateway to complete the dialling automatically.
  • Remember when you dial using your phone set the entered numbers will show on the Gateway LCD. Entering "Quickly" the same digit twice (e.g "33") will enter the counterpart letter (e.g "d") as with cell phone. This feature allows you to dial the letters of other people "usernames" (e.g john) on the same network and speak for FREE.….so buy 2 internet devices keep one and give one to your family.
  • Incoming calls will automatically ring the phone.
  • To make FREE calls with "50 Free World" plan you have to purchase a prepay for other NOT free calls.
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