Use of mobile or home phone
Using local access number with mobile/home phone:
Cell Phome
  1. We will show how and where to enter your home and/or mobile phone number in your personal details so you can access your local access numbers.
  2. Call the local access number for your country from your home or mobile phone and wait for the voice prompt .Please note that this number might be charged by your own telephone provider (either landline or mobile provider) according to the local rates your own provider applies.
  3. You enter then any number you want call (use international format for your calls, for instance 0019051234567 for a Canada call).
  4. After entering the telephone number you want to call, you will hear the current rate of the destination you are calling so you know exactly what each call will cost - in advance.
Costs for the onward calls will be settled at the current rates. There are always a connection fee of 5¢.
    1. A call is free if it is from free destination to free destination
    2. A call from/ to Free destination from not free destination will cost the rate of that not free destination
    3. A call from Not Free destination to Not free destination will cost the rate of the first destination + the the rate of the second destination.
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