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It has 2 display lines
It can be configured to work with any VoIP service
It is not locked to a specific service.
It works with both Hi speed and Dial-up Internet
It works In Any Country In The World
  • IP PHONE has hi speed port and dialup built-in modem (if you want to connect a computer to internet).
  • Provides a cost-saving solution for small business/home users needs.
  • Easy-to-install, simple-to-use.
  • Easily configurable in few minutes using telephone keypad or Web browser
  • Superb sound quality and full functional features.
  • Good for home and office use and for travel.
  • Book phone has 50 Entries.
  • 10 Speed dial entries.
  • Built in Speaker, Hold, & Re/Dial keys, call duration, time, date,....
  • Can be used with any Internet Phone service

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